Pre-event promotion

Pre-event promotion{{}}

If you expect a great event, you need good pre-event promotion. While different organisers participate in different activities, there is a plethora of activities you can get involved with to maximise your results before the event

Check out the show guides: A review of your exhibitor manual will normally highlight opportunities available for your particular show, and is normally a good starting point. Show guides, catalogues and preview guides should all carry your news and company information. In the majority of instances these are non-chargeable and a good way to get your name out in advance of the show.

Send invites: Ask for invitations which you can sometimes customise with your logo and send some to valued contacts; give hard copiesto your sales team/agents/distributors to pass out and keep more in your reception area. VIP tickets are often a valuable way to entice more visitors to your stand.

Run adverts: In terms of advertising, find out the schedule (discounts) and channels the organisers are using - dovetail any advertising for your business with the places where they are running previews and/or features on the show. Use flashes and banners across you ad - "See us on stand no: 66". Be creative. Why not amend your social media profiles with the same info - and your email signatures too?

Make contact with the press: Do the organisers use a PR agency? If so, use their services and pick their professional brains (and contacts). Get a press list of contacts and deadlines. If you have a company newsletter, milk the opportunity. Do mail shots and e-shots to key clients, existing, potential and past customers. Make sure as well that you have information on your website and that the show site links to yours.

Pre-book appointments: Finally, remember many events will set up a diary or appointment system. Pre-book as many appointments as possible so you can predict traffic and busy periods. Not all will be adhered to, but at least a plan subject to change is better than none at all!

Written by Simon Naudi of Answers Training International