Tendering for contracts

Tendering can be a major opportunity to win new business. Understanding the tender process and how to tender will help you submit winning proposals.

Tendering for contracts - overview

How to identify opportunities to tender, work out which ones are the most promising to pursue and write a winning tender document - the basics.

Group of people holding different pieces of a white puzzle on a wooden table

Contract collaboration

Big contracts may seem out of reach, but by collaborating with other firms, you can gain the resources you need to pitch for lucrative new business.

A man writes his company quality statement

Write a quality statement

When tendering for a contract, you will have to show that you can be relied upon to deliver the project to the required standard, on time. But how?

A salesman makes a winning sales pitch

Write a winning business proposal

The difference between winning and losing a contract could be down to the quality of your initial proposal: saying the right things in the right way.