Sales presentations

A sales presentation is a great chance to progress or even complete a sale. It's up to you to make a truly effective presentation.

Sales presentations - overview

Our guide to planning, structuring and delivering a sales presentation to get across your key points in a persuasive way - and make the sale.

Man in a white shirt delivering a presentation to a group of people sat around a table

Delivering presentations - checklist

This checklist will help you to deliver a presentation, and includes advice on body language, covering the key points and dealing with questions.

Making a presentation to customers

Sales presentations

Making presentations: a step-by-step guide to preparing for and giving successful presentations that keep your audience engaged and get results.

Business people shake hands on a new sales agreement

The secret to making more sales

Selling does not have to be a one-way communication, says sales expert Andy Bounds; it should be about agreeing a joint way forward.

Four employees discussing around a table about how to succeed in sales meetings

How to succeed in sales meetings

Sales meetings demand many skills and being mindful of the basics can go a long way to ensuring a positive outcome. Read these top tips.

A teram sit around a conference table listening to a sales presentation

Sales presentations FAQs

Ten FAQs on planning your sales presentations, including how to prepare your notes, what can go wrong and how to deal with questions.

An annoyed man stands with his arms crossed

Understand body language in business

Being sensitive to the body language of prospective customers is a useful skill for salespeople if they want to capitalise on selling opportunities.

Woman in a grey shirt giving a pitch to multiple corporate partners

How to pitch to corporate partners

Partnering with a bigger business can help you leverage your innovations. How to get in front of the right people - and make a great impression.

employees pitching their sale

Preparing your sales pitch - checklist

Selling can be intimidating, but our useful checklist will help your prepare a sales pitch that will persuade the customer, overcome objections and close the sale.