Five tips for negotiating better deals

Man and a woman shaking hands having negotiated a deal

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you could have got a better deal when buying or selling? If so, you are not alone, as there is almost always a better deal to be had. How do you go about finding it? Bryan McCrae of Cognitive Sales Consulting offers some proven ideas that work

1. Everyone wins

A better deal for you doesn't have to mean a worse deal for him. Work to the basis that there is a deal to be uncovered that is better for both parties - an 'I win and you win' deal.

2. Be flexible

Make sure you understand and explore his situation and pressures. Does it help him if you buy this week instead of next, have it in blue not green, arrange delivery yourself, pay now instead of 30 days? Explore all the options that you can think of.

3. Make a trade off

Develop concessions you can trade. Work out in advance what aspects of the deal are essential for you and which you can play with, together with the value of those concessions to you. Do you need that 'free' printer with the PC? Their value may well be very different to the other party.

4. Draw a line

Know your bottom line. You MUST work out in advance where your bottom line is and be prepared to walk away from the deal if it doesn't at least meet it - just knowing this yourself will give you the confidence, body language and tone of voice that will in itself translate into better deals.

5. Think long term

You will find that applying these ideas will improve your deals and both parties walk away happier - which is of course the best basis for building long lasting business relationships.

Written by Bryan McCrae of Cognitive Sales Consulting.

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