Setting prices right is a crucial task. Go too high or low and it can have disastrous consequences for your business. Find out how to set prices.

Pricing - overview

Your business needs to get pricing right. The basics on the different pricing strategies you could use, and what you need to consider.

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Seven ways to price your product

Ask people to pay too much and they will stop buying: too little and your profit margin slides. Here are seven ways to price your product accurately.

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How to price your service

Pricing a service can be trickier than pricing a product. Getting it right means accurately valuing your time and expertise. Pick up other advice.

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Ten ways to increase your profits

Firms are always searching for ways to trim their costs and increase their profits, in good times and in bad. Make your business leaner and fitter.

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Essential guide to pricing

Pricing guide: how to get your pricing strategy right to maximise profits, boost sales, keep prices competitive and protect your margins.

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Pricing FAQs

Need-to-know answers to ten questions frequently asked by small-business owners when they need to set prices for their products or services.

Don't compete on price

Don't compete on price

Competing on price threatens your margins and your reputation. Ben Dyer explains why small business owners should avoid price-cutting.

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Choose a pricing strategy

Pricing is one of the most important aspects of your business to get right. Find out what you need to do before putting a price tag on your product.

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Why value-based pricing works best

Value-based pricing is about coming up with a price that your customers are willing to pay. Pricing strategist Mark Stiving explains.

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How to set competitive prices

Regular sales are vital for your business. So how can you ensure your products and services remain keenly priced and relevant to your market?

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A guide to price comparison websites

Price comparison websites are valuable tools to help you analyse competitors and check out price fluctuations. We guide you through the key sites.