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Disruptive Thinking

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About the company

Disruptive Thinking is a business development & marketing consultancy. We work with clients who want to innovate, adapt and grow by focusing on the people, processes, teams and tools within organisations.

About Yiuwin Tsang

Yiuwin started out as a sales executive, working up through to executive level as publisher of the UK's largest and most active small business digital portfolio and overseeing a 200% revenue growth in this senior role.

Driven by a passion to see those around him succeed, not only in a professional capacity but also develop in a personal one, Yiuwin thrives when working with teams and individuals on practical and strategic levels to help them grow.

Outside of Disruptive Thinking, you can find him hanging out with his young family, daydreaming about mixing records, playing with gadgets and being a highly ineffective inside-out left winger when there's no one else to play out there.