Michelle Symonds

Michelle Symonds

Ditto Digital Limited

Managing Director



Ditto Digital Limited

About the company

Ditto Digital provides a range of digital marketing services specialising in technical search engine optimisation. We implement pro-active digital marketing campaigns based on thorough data analysis supported by solid IT and web expertise. Our mission is to enable SMEs to successfully compete online nationally and internationally with major brands. 

About Michelle Symonds

Michelle specialises in Technical SEO but provides a range of other digital marketing services. Her strong IT and web expertise, gained developing software and websites for many years, is fundamental to devising her SEO strategies.

Michelle began her career in the oil industry working as a geophysicist in the UK, Europe and the Middle East after graduating with a B.Sc. in Geophysics from Southampton University. She went on to design and build software and websites for the oil industry and investment banking industry and spent several years managing complex global IT projects for an international Fortune 500 company before establishing Ditto Digital in 2009.


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