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Mac Mackay

Duncan Alexander & Wilmshurst

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Duncan Alexander & Wilmshurst

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About the company

Founded in 1992, Duncan Alexander Associates had a clear mission: to provide ‘contract colleagues’ to see the way to enhance organisational performance. Following early success they acquired John Wilmshurst Marketing Consultants, and Duncan Alexander & Wilmshurst (DAW Ltd) was formed.

About Mac Mackay

‘Seeing the way...’ describes DAW’s business advice. Whether that's finding more about your customers - their needs, wants, and desires - or finding more about your organisation and how well it delivers its promise, you'll get a bespoke service giving you clear answers to searching questions. From there, DAW will build customer-focused strategies giving you a sustainable competitive advantage. And since those strategies will be delivered through your people, they will help you select and retain the best. ‘Showing the way...’ describes DAW Ltd’s training solutions. Their aim is to help you develop your people by providing coaching or mentoring for one individual or a series of training events for your whole team - in marketing, advertising, sales, management, leadership and customer care. And as 'contract colleagues', they are flexible to suit the way that you want them to help you.


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