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Smarter Networking

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Meet the right contacts and turn connections into revenue! Heather White and Smarter Networking are business networking experts who can show you how to network for new business. If you are looking for inspiration, information and a networking expert to take your business to the next level then call us.

About Heather White

Heather White, founder of Smarter Networking, has a unique ability to strip down and then build up extremely successful networks. She specialises in helping businesses and professional individuals create networking strategies which enable them to find and break into new sectors and secure new business opportunities.

Heather also coaches business leaders on how to use business networking skills to achieve their individual and business performance targets. Her focus is on creating confident, engaging and willing individuals who enjoy networking their own way.

Her past clients include: BT, EY, Everywoman, ICAEW, KPMG, London Chamber of Commerce, MPS and Women in Technology.