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Sticky Marketing Club understands that in this web-enabled, technologically driven world, the old sales and marketing models no longer work as they once did. Sticky Marketing Club exists to ensure their members receive the most up-to-date thinking in sales and marketing. This enables them to take advantage of the latest tools, technologies and ideas to ensure they are successful in a competitive market.

About Grant Leboff

Grant Leboff is one of the U.K's leading Sales and Marketing experts.

His fourth book, ‘Digital Selling’, debuted at #1 on the Amazon charts prior to being published in September 2016. This follows the success of Leboff’s previous titles.

‘Stickier Marketing’ (2014) went straight to #1 in the Amazon Sales & Marketing Chart, and was in the top 10 overall Business Chart, on publication. ‘Sales Therapy’ (2007) and ‘Sticky Marketing’ (2011) were both in Amazon’s top 10 Business Books, and #1 in the Sales & Marketing bestsellers chart.

A thought leader in his field, Leboff's main focus is to address the massive changes that are taking place in a world that is constantly being introduced to new technologies and an evolving World Wide Web. He continually challenges Sales & Marketing conventions that become accepted wisdom, but don’t necessarily deliver results.

Having built a successful direct marketing company, which he started in 2002, Leboff sold it in 2008. As well as working as a Non Executive Director, he now has a number of other business interests.

Sticky Marketing Club® Ltd., is a strategic consultancy providing companies with Sales & Marketing strategies to thrive in a digital world.

Leboff’s Sales and Marketing portal, produces a wealth of resources and information on effective Sales and Marketing for organisations in an ever changing business environment.

He is a highly sought after consultant and speaker, and constantly makes presentations at conferences and events all over the world.

Leboff is a Fellow of both The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing and The Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, as well as being a regular contributor to many business magazines and newspapers. Amongst others, he has been featured in the Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Financial Times, The Daily Mirror and The Sun, and has appeared on BBC Radio on numerous occasions.



Getting customers to come to you

Podcast with Grant Leboff introducing techniques you can use to attract customers to your offer ...


How to overcome buyers' fears

The buying process is hindered by fears and doubts. It’s up to the salesperson to allay the buyer’s fears. Grant Leboff explains how you can do it. ...


How to solve problems for your customers

In order to make sales, we have to understand our customers then ensure we target the relevant potential customers with the right sales messages. ...


No more fears - selling made easy

What makes a great salesperson? One thing's for sure, it's not about having the gift of the gab. Two top sales gurus reveal the secret to selling. ...


Risk vs reward - understanding buyer motivation

Human beings have two major motivations; to gain reward and to avoid loss. There will be plenty of times where both motivations influence a decision. ...


Sell solutions, not benefits

Benefits often prevent a salesperson from engaging with the real motivations of the buyer. In fact benefits are no more than an abstract idea. ...


Six steps to defining your target market

Whatever you sell, you need to understand your customer to maximise your sales. Grant Leboff suggests six steps to identify your target customer. ...

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