Dan Parker

Dan Parker


Marketing Director




About the company

FireText is a SMS (text message) marketing company helping you to grow your business. Their easy-to-use and low-cost web interface allows you to improve customer communication and brand experience in an instant. They have a UK-based team of developers, problem solvers, marketers and tinkerers, all working around the clock to offer a powerful text marketing platform.

About Dan Parker

Dan is one of the founding directors of FireText, an SMS marketing company based in Cornwall and London, and also won the title of Young Business Person of the Year 2011 (Cornwall Business Awards).

Having successfully provided SMS communication services to sports clubs, FireText was launched in 2010 to provide text message marketing for small and medium-sized businesses. The company has quickly grown the business to provide solutions ranging from owner-managed restaurants and estate-agents to national charities, pharmaceutical and software companies.

Dan is passionate about assisting businesses to provide an outstanding and personal customer service. He feels SMS can consistently bring an extra level of communication into your organisation that can really boost the overall experience.


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