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Outstanding Results (UK)

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About the company

Outstanding Results help improve the sales performance of small and medium-sized businesses. They work directly with directors, managers and salespeople to improve performance in the sales arena.

About Andy Preston

Andy Preston is a leading expert on sales and selling. Originally a professional buyer, Andy became not only the top salesperson in his company, but one of the top salespeople in his industry, and draws on that expertise to help people with sales and difficulties with selling.



Does cold-calling bring you out in a cold sweat?

Many people hate cold calling, but sometimes there is no alternative when you need to attract new customers. Expert Andy Preston provides advice. ...

Two young entrepreneurs have a friendly face to face meeting in a bustling cafe

Face-to-face selling: putting your best foot forward

There’s nothing more powerful than a face-to-face meeting when trying to win a new customer. Sales expert Andy Preston reveals how to prepare. ...

How to avoid the summer holiday hangover/woman in sombrero in office

How to avoid the summer holiday hangover

The summer holiday period can be a frustrating time for salespeople. Buyers and decision-makers are on holiday or are busy covering for colleagues who are. Your own production, warehousing and delivery staff are off and you may have been away as well. ...


Q&A: Sharpen up your sales force

Andy Preston of sales performance training company Outstanding Results explains how training can help you improve the performance of your sales team. ...

Seven things to do before you send a proposal to a client/proposal on stack of cubes{{}}

Seven things to do before you send a proposal to a client

Most salespeople will get the majority of the specification down, but some have to call back a second time to get things they forgot, or that their colleagues tell them will be needed in order to produce an accurate quotation or proposal. You can imagine the impact this has on the prospect.  If y... ...


Using branded merchandise to market your business

It's not all cheap toys: merchandising can be a valuable means of connecting with customers, raising awareness of your brand and boosting sales. ...


Winning the sale without dropping the price

When you are selling, how do you handle the objection that you are too expensive? Here are four ways to help you sell without having to cut prices. ...