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Andy Preston

Outstanding Results (UK)




Outstanding Results (UK)

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About the company

Outstanding Results help improve the sales performance of small and medium-sized businesses. They work directly with directors, managers and salespeople to improve performance in the sales arena.

About Andy Preston

Andy Preston is a leading expert on sales and selling. Originally a professional buyer, Andy became not only the top salesperson in his company, but one of the top salespeople in his industry, and draws on that expertise to help people with sales and difficulties with selling.


Sweaty man in a suit holding a phone in the air while currently on a cold call

Does cold-calling bring you out in a cold sweat?

Many people hate cold calling, but sometimes there is no alternative when you need to attract new customers. Expert Andy Preston provides advice. ...

A couple discussing loan options with an advisor

How to succeed at face-to-face selling

There's nothing more powerful than a face-to-face meeting when trying to win a new customer. Sales expert Andy Preston reveals how to prepare. ...

A woman looks through a selection of coloured shopping bags

Using branded merchandise to market your business

It's not all cheap toys: merchandising can be a valuable means of connecting with customers, raising awareness of your brand and boosting sales. ...

A woman wins a new sale without compromising on price

Winning the sale without dropping the price

When you are selling, how do you handle the objection that you are too expensive? Here are four ways to help you sell without having to cut prices. ...