Alastair Shortland

Alastair Shortland

Textlocal Ltd


Textlocal Ltd

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About the company

Textlocal is the UK's most popular SMS text message service, helping businesses to communicate with customers and staff using low-cost SMS. Their award-winning control panel, email gateways, API interface, and plethora of features build up to one of the most advanced and easy-to-use text messaging systems on the market.

About Alastair Shortland

Alastair founded Textlocal in 2005 with the intention of inspiring the UK SME community to use texting. Since then it has become one of the most popular SMS services, and one of the fastest growing UK tech companies.

By growing a list of opt-in mobile numbers, any business can send news and offers directly to the hand of their audience. Textlocal has countless case studies showing response rates of over 50 per cent - better than any other form of marketing.

Textlocal, with its award-winning powerful yet simple online service, now manages SMS services for more than 50,000 businesses from Google to local chip shops. They are passionate about mobile marketing, and offer free expert consultations and advice.