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Peter Ibbetson

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JournoLink Ltd


About the company

JournoLink is an online platform that puts businesses in control of their PR. They provide helpful tips, including a PR calendar and a knowledgebase, to do this.

Businesses can produce and distribute press releases to thousands of journalists, bloggers and broadcasters in their industry, who also send requests for comment.

About Peter Ibbetson

A banker by training; an entrepreneur by heart; a visionary by head.

His first career was in banking, rising through a range of roles to Head of Business Banking at NatWest, before trying his hand at a portfolio career.

Being enticed back into the RBS Group to represent the SME side of the bank in the media at the time of the financial crisis, he then combined his media skills with his small business antennae to create JournoLink in 2014 to sit alongside his portfolio of directorships in the SME sector. 


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