Four ways to promote your business with stickers

"Bakery" sticker on the entrance door

When it comes to marketing, most companies now turn to digital methods. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are becoming increasingly saturated with business adverts where you are competing with millions of other businesses. Not only is the field competitive, it can also be expensive. So, it might be a good idea to look into other, less conventional promotional methods.

Stickers are vastly underrated when it comes to their potential to raise brand awareness, and are extremely cost-effective as well.

Here are four good ways to advertise with stickers.

1. Plug your social

Printing your social media handles on a sticker is an excellent way to organically grow your audience.

You can even print a QR code on the sticker, so people can scan and be instantly sent to your social channels, website or other landing page.

2. Introduce new products

If you have a new product or launch coming up - why not make a sticker to promote it? Build some hype by creating some die-cut singles, and give them away to every customer who makes a purchase.

You never know where these stickers will end up - you'd be surprised at the number of real-life "impressions" they get!

3. Get sneaky

Looking to reach a new audience? Guerrilla marketing is an effective marketing tactic for the stealthier advertiser. Print info about your business, or details of an upcoming sale on a sticker, and stick them wherever your heart desires (within the law - of course!)

Ideally put them in high-traffic areas, to reach as many people as possible. Just make sure you use a removable adhesive, so you don't cause any damage.

4. Brand that bumper

Bumper stickers are classic and timeless. Create some branded funny bumper stickers to slap on your own car, or give them away to friends or family.

Bumper stickers last for many years - plus you're already driving your car everywhere anyway. Why not take advantage of the free marketing opportunity?

These are just a few ideas - but the options for using stickers for marketing your business are endless. It's time to get creative…

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