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Infographic: Business use of social media in 2015

Infographic: Business use of social media in 2015

March 02, 2015 by Marketing Donut contributor

It’s no wonder that businesses are confused about which social media sites to use ­– they are growing and proliferating all the time.

Real Business Rescue has pulled together all the latest statistics about social media use in this excellent infographic, providing an enlightening look at how brands are operating in the social sphere in 2015.

Want to know which sites are trending? Where you should concentrate your efforts? What other businesses are doing online? It’s all here along with useful data on that tricky social media issue — return on investment (ROI).

Source: How B2B Businesses Are Tackling Social Media In 2015

Thanks to Keith Tully at Real Business Rescue for sharing this with us.

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This is a good graphic. Like most infographics, the most important statisitcs are buried in the middle - > 50% of people find it hard to prove ROI

> 33% lack time

> 32% have no strategic plan

> 23% have poor organisational understanding of social media


If you are a service provider for marketing/social media - i.e. a consultant like me - working in the B2B space this essentially is screaming opportunity. Using these numbers you can rethink your service offerings to attack these key problems.

Thankfully there are solutions like Edgar out there to help solve the time/consitency problem. Growing an audience however is probably a more lucractive area, even if it only applies to 20-ish percent of busiensses.


Peter MacinkovicDigital Strategy Consultant

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