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How to do your own SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis{{}}

A comprehensive SWOT analysis can be an excellent business tool to help you assess the internal and external factors that could affect your business. Get it right and you'll have gone a long way towards creating a robust business plan too. To do your own assessment, read our guide to SWOT analysis and use our handy checklist.

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"You don't need to spend a fortune to start podcasting. You will need a few basic things, some of which you may already have and some of which are free."

How to create podcasts for your business

Marketing case study

Cupcakes: case study{{}}

Cupcakes are hugely popular and to satisfy the nation’s appetitie lots of new businesses are baking, decorating and supplying them to local cafés and shops. Two cake-making social networking groups help small bakers market their wares.

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