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How to attract customers to your online store

Attract customers to your online store{{}}

With Christmas fast approaching, it's vital to make sure you are attracting customers to your online store. Chris Barling, author of Selling Successfully Online, offers 18 simple but effective tips that you can do right now to help you attract more people to your ecommerce website.

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"Question: Are women different from men? Answer: Yes. Do they behave differently when they are buying? Yes. And if they are different, shouldn’t we be marketing to them in a different way? Yes."

The truth about marketing to women

Marketing case study

Chase Vodka case study{{}}

Will Chase is a potato farmer with a difference. He started the Tyrrells Crisps in 2001 and since 2008 he has been making vodka from potatoes. His vodka brand, Chase, was named the world’s best vodka in 2010 and it's fast-becoming an established name.

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