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I'm a small business: how can market research help me?

Graph:market research for small businesses{{}}

Are you confused or sceptical about what market research can offer? Wondering what the difference between quantitative and qualitative market research? Julia Whitehead, director of Ask Joe Public, explains how market research can help your business.

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"There are a number of so-called experts out there saying that cold calling doesn’t work but they’re wrong. Cold calling is still one of the best and quickest ways to get new business and it is far from dead."

Seven ways to get more appointments from your cold calls

Marketing case study

Magic Whiteboard and Dragons' Den{{}}

It started with a portable whiteboard on a roll and now Magic Whiteboard has launched a raft of new products including reusable Sticky Notes. Rachel Miller discovers how the company has become one of the Dragons’ most successful investments.

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