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The accidental exporter: dealing with orders from abroad

Union jack: exporting guide for SMEs{{}}

If you have a website, your business can be viewed around the world — but you may not be prepared for orders from overseas. Kate Horstead finds out how to deal with unexpected purchases from international customers, and how you can use the opportunity to expand your business overseas.

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"A lot of people still get sucked into the idea of thinking 'if we build, they will come'. And doubly so with Facebook — just because there's a huge audience, it doesn't mean everyone is suddenly going to beat a path to your door!"

Ten steps to creating a powerful Facebook page

Marketing case study

Cupcakes: marketing case study{{}}

Cupcakes are hugely popular and lots of new businesses are baking and supplying them to local cafés and shops. James Aimsworth discovers how two cake-making social networking groups help small bakers market their wares more widely.

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50% off delivery & fulfilment

Frillo{{}}Frillo is the clear and convenient way for businesses to buy products and services. With everything from office supplies to furniture and business insurance, Donut users get an exclusive 50% off their delivery and fulfilment fee. Read more…

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