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Quality marketing materials on a budget

Pencils: creating your own marketing materials{{}}

More than half of small firms produce marketing materials in-house to save money. But if your DIY brochures, business cards, stationery or website don’t look professional, it can do more harm than good to your image. Kate Horstead finds out how to produce good quality marketing materials without breaking the bank.

Expert advice

"Test small quantities of merchandise and see which works the best, by asking customers where they heard of you or why they decided to sign up for your newsletter or buy your product. Then order more of the item that gives the best return."

Using branded merchandise to market your business

Marketing case study

Bath Ales case study{{}}

Bath Ales is a well-loved West Country brewery with a loyal following. By engaging on social media, it has got closer to its customers and sales have increased dramatically as a result.

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