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How to write effective email newsletters

Email marketing{{}}

Why do so many small firms bash out an email newsletter without any thought and simply send it to everyone in their mailing list? Email may be “free” but if you send the wrong messages, you risk losing customers. Get the content right, however, and you will reap the rewards in enquiries and sales. Lucy Whittington explains the golden rules of email marketing.


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"People still buy from people first. If people are to buy from you because they trust you, you need to be well connected and have a credible profile in your marketplace."

What is networking?

Marketing case study

A Quarter of sweets case study{{}}

Remember Wham Bars, Fruit Salads, Mojos, Space Dust and Refreshers? With his business A Quarter Of, Michael Parker has recreated an old-fashioned sweet shop online, selling 700 varieties to satisfy the demand for retro sweets.

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