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Get started with pay-per-click advertising

Hand on mouse: pay per click advertising{{}}

Google AdWords is a fast and simple way to expand the reach of your website. Used effectively, it can offer quick results and big rewards. It’s also highly measurable which means you can constantly improve your results. Adrian Bold explains how to make the most of pay per click advertising.


Expert advice

"Nearly 80% of leads never result in a sale. So the key is to qualify each lead, quickly and efficiently, so that you can spend time on the ones that are most likely to convert. The good news is that qualifying leads shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes."

How to qualify leads in just 10 minutes

Marketing case study

Dave James Ascentor{{}}

Ascentor is a specialist information risk management consultancy that helps organisations to protect their data. However, following public sector cuts, the firm has had to refocus on private sector clients. Dave James explains how the business has repositioned itself.

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