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Why social media is anti-social

Why social media is anti-social

May 27, 2014 by Robert Craven

Why social media is anti-social/ Media-human-mobile. Global communicationWhy do they call it social media? It is anything but social. It is antisocial.

What social media does can be really damaging to a business. Under the mistaken idea that they are “doing business”, business owners and sales/marketing people get preoccupied with social media and replace the basic, traditional forms of sales and marketing with counting clicks, likes and followers.

The bare facts are that doing business is about understanding who your customers are, what their problems are and engaging with them so that they buy from you when they are ready.

Social media may be part of the recipe but it is not the recipe.

Too many people confuse talking business with doing business. They become social media-obsessed and confuse their social media interactions with their original purpose. In effect, they become busy fools.

Most businesses spend:

  • 75% of their time arguing over communications channels — LinkedIn or FaceBook or Instagram;
  • 20% of their time discussing marketing, and;
  • 5% of the time discussing whether they have the right product for the specific target customers needs.

This is all so wrong. So upside-down...

You need to turn this pyramid on its head and spend:

  • 75% of the time discussing whether you have the right product for the specific target customers needs;
  • 20% of your time discussing marketing, and;
  • 5% of the time of your time arguing over communications channels — LinkedIn or FaceBook or Instagram.

Obviously, social media done well is another matter.

Robert Craven runs The Directors’ Centre, helping businesses to grow and advising on how to work smarter. He is a keynote speaker and best-selling author of Kick-Start Your Business and Grow Your Service Firm.

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Very interesting perspective on social media in business. I always thought business was probably the most thriving area in terms of how social media has benefitted us, with little setbacks. Thank you for sharing these stats and your thoughts! One area I have found that has really effected us is how we use our phones. We're all guilty of spending more time looking at a screen than looking around us. Texting while walking and driving, constantly checking facebook whilst with friends... And I know we're all aware of this, but it hasn't really striked a cord to do anything about it.

Here's where we come in. We're starting a campaign called Anti Awkward Turtle that encourages people to put down their phones from time to time and pay more attention to the people around them. There are people struggling on a daily basis but we're too busy checking in online or scrolling through feeds to notice them. Feel free to drop by our page to have an idea about what we do :)

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