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The truth is, nobody cares about your blog...

The truth is, nobody cares about your blog...

April 04, 2011 by Chris Street

…well, that’s what you’d believe if you listened to the traditional marketers, online sceptics, and old-school business brains.

But – actually – there is a grain of truth in the shocking statement. Nobody cares about your blog.

Unless you give them one, two, or all of the following things:

* Useful information, such as ‘How To’ guides

* Proven case studies highlighting a return of some kind

* Open, engaged topical discussion without a hard sell

* Real-life experience and expertise in your niche for their benefit

* Passion and knowledge, packaged up in readable chunks

Or, alternatively, are you banging out a flog blog? Sell sell sell? Broadcasting, not listening?

If so, then of course nobody cares about your blog – after all, how are you really, truly, genuinely helping the reader?

Think give give give, and see what comes back – in time.

This may seem like obvious stuff, but there are a surprising number of flog blogs out there, and when you consider that 70% of all newly-launched blogs fail/quit/end within their first 12 months, you’ll see the importance of a giving ethos to ensure that your audience cares about your blog.

And, rather than being a blog death statistic, wouldn’t you rather care about your audience? If you care for them, they’ll take care of you. And that’s one guarantee careful blogging can give you.

One of the main things to remember is to forget yourself.

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chrisstreet's picture

Hi Fiona

Many thanks for your comments - I think the art of selling via content is a subtle, special and seductive proposition. A good content-based marketer will deliver the pitch without the prospect even knowing it consciously...and then hopefully a purchase will follow. Sometime quickly, sometimes slowly.

I know that all of my current client work can be traced back to my blog - which is full of hints, tips, How To posts and content which gives, gives, gives.

With you on the flog bloggers...awful stuff.

Thanks again!

Drew Harding's picture

Nice post... interesting stat that 70% of new blogs fail within 12 months! Something to be wary of. Good tips Chris, we're looking to launch our company blog in Q3 and we'll be keeping this points in mind for sure.

chrisstreet's picture

Hi Drew

Many thanks - much appreciated.

Definitely a statistic to be aware of, I'd say! The failure comes from a lack of consistency, a perceived ROI failure, or simply down to lack of content...and, of course, sometimes a combination of all three.

As Yoda says, "Do or not do, there is no try."

fiona humberstone's picture

Great post. I love your description of the Flog Blog. Isn't it a shame when you read a good post only to get to the bottom for the author to spend two paragraphs explaining how to instruct them as a supplier? Urgh! Great blogs share, they don't flog

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