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The power of door drop marketing

Looking for a cost-effective way to reach new customers? Door drops are not just affordable — they are versatile, highly targeted and effective. For small and local firms, door drops can bring in valuable new business, as Helen Peach of the Royal Mail explains

Where once the door drop was regarded as the poor relation of the marketing mix, today's sophisticated targeting models, better creatives, and more receptive and responsive customers have all helped make the door drop play a more prominent role in the marketing mix.

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Every part of your marketing strategy needs to work hard for you, generating awareness and communicating the benefits of your product or service. But it is the door drop where you can literally hit home.

Door drops can be as local as a few streets in your town or cover they can cover every household in the country. They play a fundamental role in:

  • Promoting start-ups or entering new markets — launch yourself through the letterbox
  • Extending existing databases — find new customers
  • Steering customers into new shops
  • Reaching a large audience cost-effectively
  • Sending samples to a wide audience — there's no easier way to get your product in a customer's hand
  • Supporting other advertising activity, as part of an integrated campaign.

Items can be delivered alongside the addressed mail, via teams of leaflet distributors or as an insert in free local newspapers. They can come in all shapes and sizes. Targeting software can allow you to select geographic areas where your campaign is most likely to be successful based on profiling current or prospective customers. 

Used well, the door drop is a very powerful piece of advertising. Its key strengths are:

  • You have space to educate and persuade your customers using in detail. And, of course, you can include samples, steer to store, and ask their opinions too, all cost-effectively.
  • You can use it as a response channel inside integrated campaigns. Combine door drops with traditional above-the-line activity to convert awareness into action.
  • You can collect data for use in future activity. Include a short questionnaire or prize draw as ways to gather names, addresses and other intelligence on your new customers.

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