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Marketest is an online market research company for business start-ups and established companies. We primarily work for start-up entrepreneurs (pre-startup projects) and companies launching a new product or service.

We provide a full range of market research services, testing the way people will react to a product or service. We use online questionnaires to examine the buying habits and needs of specially selected sample groups of potential customers.

We have more than 10 years’ experience in helping start-ups test their target markets. We provide local, national and international market research using more than 900,000 targeted panellists.

Our cost-effective and rapid services (2 weeks after questionnaire validation) are ideal for new business start-ups and can play a vital role in obtaining financial support for your company.

Costs vary depending upon the number of people in the panel and their profile. Other possibilities exist for even more cost-effective market research, such as intellectual property rights transfer and partner support.

We have as well a special entrepreneurship network when business advisers can have access to our market research reports for free.

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