UK could do more for women entrepreneurs

13 June 2014

UK could do more for women entrepreneursThe UK is improving as an environment for female entrepreneurs but it still lags behind European countries including France and Germany, according to new research from Dell and the GEDI Institute.

The annual Gender-Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index (GEDI) measures environments for women entrepreneurs. The second annual survey now measures 30 countries (up from 17 first time round) and it puts the UK at number 7 with a ranking of 54/100. The leading countries are the US (83), Australia (80), Sweden (73), France and Germany (both at 67), and Chile (55).

The UK is one of only four countries (with Japan, Brazil and India) that have improved their ranking.

However, the report finds that more than 75% of the countries surveyed are not meeting even the most fundamental conditions required for female entrepreneurs to prosper.

Key UK findings include:

  • The UK is one of only five countries that achieved the highest score (100) for its SME training (the others are Australia, France, Sweden and the US).
  • UK wins on workforce balance, with a 40:60 ratio of women to men across industries – the highest labour force balance.
  • British women are highly confident, with 91% of UK women seeing no perceivable differences between male and female executives.
  • However, childcare leaves room for improvement in terms of availability, quality, and affordability.
  • The UK has a relatively low female start up rate with 4.8 female start-ups for every ten male start ups, lagging behind the US (7.1:10).

Karen Quintos, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Dell, said: "We believe awareness of the current landscape for women entrepreneurship is the first step toward change."

A free e-book produced by Dell, Forget the Glass Ceiling: Build Your Business Without One, features case studies of ten women entrepreneurs.

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