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June 27, 2014

Also in the news this week – 27 June 2014

Are your employees asleep on the job?

According to a new survey carried out on behalf of Memory Foam Warehouse, 47% of people have fallen asleep at work – and two-thirds of those were caught by colleagues. The survey found that 72% of us get less than seven hours of sleep a night and 31% catch up on sleep during their commute. Not surprisingly, 86% of those polled said they often feel they need more sleep than they get and 47% say they're less productive at work when they're tired. In fact, 29% of people would like to see sleeping facilities in the workplace.

The end of impulse shopping

It takes a shopper nearly ten days (233 hours) to purchase something online after being targeted by an ad, according to data from Rakuten MediaForge. Interestingly, buyers of fashion take longer (282 hours) than those buying travel services (176 hours). A proportion of shoppers do buy immediately after being retargeted with an ad, however most shopping journeys involve two to three engagements with the brand's ad before a product is purchased.

One in five firms yet to embrace social media

New research from Catalogues 4 Business has found that a fifth of businesses in the UK are yet to develop a social media strategy, with only a third actively using it to promote their products or services. A further third of businesses have made initial attempts to use social media before giving up. And, compared to a data gathered last year, it looks as though social media activity has actually dropped by as much as 36%. Even so, social media is still the fifth most effective marketing tool for businesses – 14% of respondents said social media successfully drives sales. Networking was cited as the number one driver at 24%.

Retailers must respond as shoppers spurn cash

July is Independent Retailer Month. The campaign highlights the role of smaller, local, independent retailers and the contribution they make to the local economy. However, new research from Kalixa Pro has found that a quarter of shoppers have taken their business elsewhere because a shop or tradesman was unable to process card payments. It found that credit and debit cards are the preferred payment method for 82% of shoppers for purchases over £20. And 52% even use a card to pay for items that cost £20 or less. In addition, 26% have refused to buy something where a shop insisted on a minimum spend for card payments.