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Mobilize: the free Google mobile commerce tool

A smart phone synching to a laptopGoogle's free mobile commerce tool - Mobilize - enables small businesses to create high-quality mobile sites or landing pages quickly and easily

What is Mobilize?

Mobilize offers a range of free templates that allows small firms to build mobile sites and landing pages so their customers can easily access information about them on their smartphone. These include designs for types of firm such as restaurants as well as designs aimed at generating leads or for ecommerce. There’s also the option to make a completely customised mobile site.

Why do I need a specific mobile site?

Mobile commerce is fast becoming the new commerce battleground. Ofcom reports that over 94% of people in the UK own a mobile phone. Another Ofcom report (pg 14, pdf) states that 51% of people own a smartphone and that 30% of all web traffic came from mobile and tablet devices in February 2013.

Figures released from online retailers indicate that Christmas 2013 saw a huge rise in the percentage of ecommerce transactions and web traffic taking place via mobile and tablet devices. John Lewis reported that on Christmas Day 2013 traffic from mobile phones and tablet devices accounted for three quarters of total traffic and IBM reported that mobile traffic made up 58% of all online traffic.

So, if your site isn't mobile ready, you could be missing a trick.

Can I monitor traffic on a Mobilize site?

Yes, Mobilize is integrated into Google Analytics, so businesses can monitor the traffic on their site.

How do I get a Mobilize site?

You can get your site ready for mobile commerce with Google's free tool.

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