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Business-to-business loyalty

The following is a 'menu' of activities that you might consider to get a business customer disposed to use your firm again

Going the extra mile on the current engagement

  • Use new business budget to fund extra analysis
  • Use budget to improve turnaround time, service
  • Improve the quality of presentations
  • Provide clearer documentation, explanations, accessibility

Increasing the amount of client contact

  • Telephone regularly
  • Visit at every opportunity
  • Schedule business meetings near mealtimes
  • Invite to clients to your offices
  • Introduce clients to one's Partners
  • Get firm leaders involved

Building the business relationship

  • Help client with contacts
  • Put on special seminars for your client's staff
  • Volunteer to attend client's internal meetings
  • Offer free day of counselling on non-project matters
  • Send clients useful articles
  • If possible, refer business to client

Building the personal relationship

  • Invite clients to social activities
  • Remember personal, family anniversaries
  • Obtain scarce tickets
  • Provide home telephone number
  • Offer use of firm's facilities

For further information and advice on how to build customer loyalty, see the Resources box on the right.