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Sonja Jefferson

Sonja Jefferson

Valuable Content

Marketing consultant and business writer

7 Argyle Place, Cliftonwood, Bristol, BS8 4RH

Contact: Sonja Jefferson


Company description

Valuable Content helps small businesses to create, write and use valuable written content to promote and sell their services. Their clients are predominantly consultants, professional advisers and creative consultancies of all flavours. Valuable Content helps them with their website strategy and web copy, articles and thought leadership content, profiles, bids, case studies and sales collateral, and also helps to write and publish business books.

About the expert

Sonja is a marketing consultant, content specialist and business book project manager with a background in B2B sales. She worked as a freelance content writer and consultant for ten years before setting up Valuable Content in 2010.

Sonja is passionate about helping small business owners to get their unique message across and generate sales.

Articles by this expert, by highest rating

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