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Robert Craven

Robert Craven

The Directors' Centre

Keynote Speaker/Author/MD

The Directors' Centre, 1 The High Street, Woolley, Bath, BA1 8AR

Phone: +44 (0)1225 851044

Contact: Robert Craven

Company description

Brighter, gutsier, business consulting from "been there, done it" advisers... straight talking, honest, practical people who will help you take your business to the next level. Free of business school BS we focus on significantly improving sales, profit and shareholder value.

About the expert

Robert is a man who has been there and done it, having set up his first business at the age of 21. Having run restaurants, sound recording studios and training companies he went on to become Director of Entrepreneurial Business at Warwick Business School. He is now the Managing Director of The Directors' Centre, a management consultancy for fast growing businesses. Robert works with ambitious directors who feel that they could be doing even better. The Financial Times recently cited Robert as the 'entrepreneurship guru' - this is a man who is known for his no-nonsense practical approach to growing businesses. As a keynote speaker his style is challenging, honest and goading; free of business school hyperbole he makes his audience think. Robert is author of 'Kick-Start Your Business', with a foreword by Sir Richard Branson, and his latest book is 'Beating the Credit Crunch'. Tel: +44 (0)1225 851044.

Articles by this expert, by highest rating

  • The truth about marketing to women

    Men and women are different and businesses need to market to them differently. That’s the controversial view of marketing expert Robert Craven, who believes firms which don’t change their approach to marketing to women will get left behind. But it’s not a view shared by all small-business owners, as we discover…