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Gemma Went

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145-157 St John St

About the company

Gemma offers online business coaching.

About Gemma Went

Gemma is a Digital Marketing Consultant and Online Business Coach. She has been in the marketing game for 15 years, ten of those focussed on digital and social media. She has a BA Hons Psychology, which means that her theories are grounded in psychological principles and laws. She gets to the bottom of your audience’s needs, wants and desires and gives them this through your digital marketing. She does it in the most simple way she can, with no fluff, no jargon, just results.


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Social media success in just 30 minutes a day

Gemma Went shares some tips and suggests some useful tools that can help you get results on social media in just half an hour a day....

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Ten online marketing ideas anyone can do

Pushed for time but want to get results? Gemma Went offers ten simple online marketing ideas that small firms like yours can benefit from right now....

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Finding your audiences on social media

If you are using social media, you probably think you simply need to target the same people you’ve been targeting for years. But you could be wrong....