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Gemma Went

Gemma Went

Marketing and Social Media Consultant


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Gemma Went is a marketing and social media consultant with over a decades worth of experience across B2B, B2C, brands and SMEs.

About the expert

With a background in psychology and a keen interest in human behaviour, Gemma has helped numerous businesses strategically adopt social media to help them achieve corporate objectives. Gemma is a seasoned social media entrepreneur, speaker, panelist and blogger.

Clients include Soap and Glory, Newcastle Brown Ale, Birra Moretti, Fosters, Channel 4, FutureBrand, Saatchi & Saatchi Design, Click Software, the Design Business Association, PDD, Scott Brownrigg and some wonderfully diverse SMEs. She is GemmaWent on most social channels.

Communication is Gemma’s thing. Through social media, the press, across the web, through beautiful design, well-crafted newsletters, carefully thought out websites or face to face. She uses the right mix of conversation and messaging to connect and engage with the right people, create word of mouth and get the right results.

Articles by this expert, by highest rating

  • Finding your audiences on social media

    If you are using social media, you need to think about the target audiences you want to connect with. You probably think you already know who these people are. It’s the same ones you’ve been targeting for years right? Not necessarily, as Gemma Went explains…