20 tips to improve your customer relationships

Here are 20 things you can do to improve the rapport you have with customers:

  1. Be welcoming to your customer
  2. Show your customer that they matter
  3. Respect your employer
  4. Respond to the customer's individual needs
  5. Have a positive attitude
  6. Demonstrate energy and enthusiasm
  7. Make your customer feel special
  8. Develop TRUST
  9. Tell your customer the truth - in the right way, of course!
  10. Show your customer that you respect them
  11. Ask them questions to get their view
  12. Be polite
  13. Use their name
  14. Listen to the customer
  15. Show your customer that you understand
  16. Be sensitive to your customer's needs
  17. Admit mistakes when you have made them
  18. Keep your promises
  19. Respect confidences
  20. Be yourself

Ask you yourself whether these are appropriate to the way your organisation deals with its customers?

How well do you live up to these behaviours?

How well do your other colleagues perform?

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