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Exceptional customer service

What is exceptional customer service? One definition is:

Delight your customers again and again, and if you fail - recover brilliantly.

So, how is this achieved? The success of a service organisation is dependent on the culture that is created within the company. So, the motivation to provide service is driven by the feeling of worth that an individual has placed in them by that company. When an individual is recognised for their contribution, when they feel respected and know that the company cares for their well-being, this translates into the attitude of service that will be consistently provided - delighting customers again and again.

There are four things managers need to address to make sure this happens:

  1. Recognise the personal contribution of everyone in the company to the overall business success.
  2. Provide support and co-operation so that each person realises their full potential.
  3. Encourage all staff to contribute ideas to enable the organisation to become more effective - particularly in serving customers.
  4. Recognise excellence among all staff and ensure sensitivity to each person's needs, creating a climate which encourages long-term satisfying employment.

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