Product research: Dos and don'ts

Product research: Dos and don'ts{{}}Product testing can help you weed out product ideas that have no realistic prospect of success and refine those that do, making them attractive to customers and increasing sales. So what are the keys to successful product testing?


  • Start testing at the ideas stage.
  • Be objective.
  • Check the technical feasibility of your product - is it fit for purpose?
  • Talk to suppliers and manufacturers - can it be made?
  • Find out exactly how much it would cost to make - will that leave leave you with a healthy margin?
  • Be prepared to walk away if the figures don't add up.
  • Use an impartial third party to conduct research and testing.
  • Ask customers what they think of the product and its specification.
  • Ask customers what they would pay for it.
  • Adapt your product to meet the requirements of the market.
  • Talk to retailers or dealers about stocking your product.


  • Wait until product launch before you test the feasibility of your product.
  • Conduct poorly planned or insufficiently in-depth research - it will not provide an accurate picture.
  • Assume that everyone feels the same as you about your product.
  • Ignore negative research findings.
  • Let your heart rule your head and personal feelings to cloud your judgement.

Written by Jenny Covey of Javelin Marketing Services.

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