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Mark McCulloch

Mark McCulloch

Spectacular Marketing

32 Lydbrook Lane, Woburn Sands, MK17 8GJ

Spectacular Marketing


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We are Spectacular Marketing.

We'll help you have big brand thinking without the big brand budget.


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Brand-focused creative marketeer. Over 10 years heavyweight experience in brand and marketing, I have been responsible for brand repositioning and cultural definitions of the group of brands Europe-wide and am currently working on global brand strategy, visual identity roll-out and colleague engagement internationally for Barclaycard. Starting brand consultancy which will help brands find and keep their promise to colleagues and customers. I have also held general marketing and creative agency side roles previous to this. I have worked with clients such as Barclaycard,, Sainsbury's, Loaded, NME, Independent newspaper, WD-40 and Moathouse hotels to name a few. My main passions are helping brands realise their full potential and creating big ideas for brands that create buzz and talkability and cut through.

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