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David Gent

David Gent

David Gent Creative

Managing director

PO Box 30, Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 7ER

Contact: David Gent

Company description

David Gent Creative is a long established, family-owned agency, with offices in Lancashire and Essex, which specialises in PR, graphic design and broadcast advertising. It has a strong track record of bringing new advertisers to television and works with multinationals, smaller entrepreneurial firms and public sector organisations.

About the expert

David Gent is a marketing consultant, PR practitioner and copywriter with many years' industry experience across consumer and business-to-business markets. Through his PR business, he has written widely on countless trade and consumer topics, from robotics to confectionery, and applies the same techniques to promoting his own agency business, publishing specialist articles on PR and TV advertising in a variety of titles. Working with in-house TV planning and buying experts, he has developed successful presentations to a whole series of private and public sector advertisers, helping to introduce a succession of brands and services to the screen.

David is also involved on the creative side, producing scripts for hundreds of TV commercials and assisting in TV commercial clearances. He has huge experience of implementing PR and TV marketing campaigns, often for enterprising SMEs, so has practical knowledge of most strategies and is highly conscious of delivering outcomes that impact on the bottom line.

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