Product development

Your product mix should be aligned with your wider marketing strategy. Some key considerations when your business is developing new products.

Product development - overview

Our guide to product development, including customer research, market positioning, the product life cycle and how to keep your product range fresh.

Poeple entering data and assembling prototype

Create a prototype

Prototypes let you spot design flaws, get feedback from possible customers and even secure funding for your new product. How to get prototyping right.



Effective use of design in your business can increase sales, reduce costs and present a new image to customers. Our guide to getting design right.

Young businessman holds the words: Quality assurance

The importance of quality assurance

Quality assurance is paramount in the development of new products. It helps build brand reputation, customer loyalty and minimises the risk of launching new products.

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New product development FAQs

Apart from a good idea, what do you need for successful development of a new product? These FAQs talk through the process from strategy to prototype.

Woman writing on a package with other packaging in the background

Packaging FAQs

Everything on choosing and sourcing the right packaging, passing on the costs to your customers and finding your way through the regulations.

Special deal sign advertised in a shopping mall

Ten ways to promote a new offer

Try these road-tested techniques to make sure your target customers know you have an attractive new product or service on the market.

Person pressing floating words ISO 9000

Preparing for ISO 9000 - checklist

The ISO 9000 family of standards helps businesses put quality management processes in place. Read our tips for getting accredited under ISO 9000.

Two business people sitting at desk with 3D printer looking at product prototype

New product development

Once you've come up with the idea for a new product or service, you need to develop it, test it and take it to market. Our guide to the key steps.



Innovating isn't a luxury, but an essential if you don't want to be left behind. How to use innovation to improve and expand your products.

Product designer uses design software to develop new products

Developing new products - checklist

Use this checklist to help to develop new products, from developing new ideas to setting budgets, deciding on product specification and prototyping.