PR opportunities

You don't need to wait for something to happen before you publicise it. You can create PR opportunities that prompt media coverage for your business.

PR opportunities - overview

How to create chances to get media coverage for your business, and make your press release more likely to be picked up by journalists.

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How to shine in local radio interviews

If you’ve got something to say then it’s well worth approaching your local radio station to see if they would like you to come in and do an interview.

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Using PR to improve your business FAQs

19 FAQs explaining how to use media coverage to publicise your business, its products and its successes, and how to make the most of your PR efforts

Public relations (PR) and press coverage

What is PR?

A guide to public relations (PR) – how to get endorsements for your brand from journalists, influencers and customers

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Effective PR FAQs

PR is used to raise the profile of a business and portray the business in a good light. Here are 10 FAQs on how to use PR in a small business.

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How to create press and media coverage

Discover the four key ways that you can get press and media coverage - PR is a great way for small businesses to raise their profile and get noticed.

media interviews and publicity events

Why it pays to seek publicity

There may be no such thing as free publicity - but PR is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools and it can deliver fantastic results.

A Quarter of case study

How we sell retro sweets online

Michael Parker has recreated an old-fashioned sweet shop online, selling more than 600 varieties to satisfy the demand for retro sweets. Find out how he did it.