Start-up Day 2018 opens its doors

17 September 2018

Start-up Day 2018 opens its doorsNational Start-up Day takes place at the British Library in London and at 17 city libraries across the UK on Thursday 20 September.

Start-up Day organisers are encouraging anyone with a business idea to visit their local library and take their first steps towards turning their idea into a viable enterprise. Thousands of budding entrepreneurs have already been supported this year by the British Library Business & IP Centre and its national network.

In addition to the programme of events at London's British Library Business & IP Centre, 17 city libraries across the UK are taking part. These are: Barnstaple, Birmingham, Cambridge, Exeter, Glasgow, Hull, King's Lynn, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Northampton, Nottingham, Norwich, Thetford, Sheffield and Worcester.

Start-up Day will host over 150 free workshops and talks to give budding business owners the tools to turn their start-up dreams into reality. Topics include: networking, how to protect your idea, writing a business plan, managing social media and pitching for investment. All events are free; attendees can also book for speed mentoring and one-to-one IP sessions.

In the past year, nearly 19,000 people have been supported to set up and grow new businesses in the UK by the British Library's Business & IP Centre (BIPC) and its national network. Of these:

  • 36% were planning to start a business;
  • 21% were already in the process of setting up a business;
  • 19% were working on a side business whilst being employed;
  • 12% were unemployed or in education;
  • 59% were women;
  • 32% were 16-34 year-olds;
  • 35% were from black and Asian minority ethnic backgrounds.

Julie Deane, founder and ceo of Cambridge Satchel Company, said: "One of Britain's greatest exports is our business and start-up community. We need to ensure that it remains one of the best countries in the world to start and grow a business. A resource like the British Library's Business & IP Centre would have helped me enormously as I was launching the Cambridge Satchel Company - these centres give people the skills, information, confidence and connections they need to turn their business ideas into viable businesses."

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