Brexit and your business

Map of Europe with a red line separating the UK from the mainland as part of Brexit

Whatever your business does, you need to understand how Brexit affects you.

Some impacts are obvious, particularly for businesses that sell to customers in the EU or import from EU suppliers. There are also impacts for businesses that employ EU nationals, or if you (or your employees) need to travel to the EU.

A good starting point for looking at these is the Government’s Brexit transition guidance. Our small business FAQs also highlight what you should be doing.

The impact of Brexit on your suppliers and customers is also likely to affect your business. For example, you might face delays getting supplies – even from suppliers within the UK – if those supplies rely on components or ingredients from Europe.

Bear in mind too that you could also be impacted if you sell online to customers based in the EU. Sales to EU customers can no longer be treated in the same way as sales within the UK.

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