Eight best video content ideas for your business in 2022


Date: 3 May 2022

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Most managers are consumed with thinking about how to promote their business, boost sales, make products look appealing, and attract and engage their target audience. This is not an easy task, because there are many variables on which the success of a company depends.

However, many marketers are now investing all their efforts into digital marketing, of which video marketing is a part. Creating video content can be a goldmine for marketers as the popularity of watching videos soars. Businesses of all sizes are trying to take advantage of this opportunity.

And this is no fad! Video marketing statistics prove that it is a great way to attract buyers. Here's why:

  • Adding video to a website increases the number of visitors by over 85%;
  • The number of leads increases by more than 80%;
  • Video helps to increase the number of direct sales by more than 75%;
  • In 2022, each user watches videos for more than an hour and a half per day on average;
  • About 95% of marketers say that video has helped improve understanding of their services and products.

If you haven't added video to your marketing efforts yet, you should start right now. All you need are video content ideas and tools to edit videos.

However, now there are so many publishing platforms (including social media), it's not always obvious what video content you should be creating and where you should post it.

In this post, we have collected some ideas about what messages you can share with both potential and existing buyers. 

Ideas for inspiration

About your products

You can start by making videos about your products to show in detail what you offer to customers and how that can meet their needs. A product video is a great addition to high-quality images on your product pages. It can also be posted on social platforms to increase social media engagement or on your business blog.

You do not have to directly talk about the product itself, you could simply take some attractive shots of your product and add some music and special effects. Try to show the products realistically so that customers are not disappointed when they purchase the product because it does not look like it does in the video.

Getting to know the team

Everyone understands that companies don't consist of robots that do their jobs automatically. The company's team consists of wonderful people who work daily for the benefit of the company and offer many ideas to improve people's lives by creating effective products. So, to humanise your company a bit, you can arrange a get-together with your team.

During the video editing, you can add unique effects to your clip and make your video easy to watch anywhere by adding captions.

Connect the experts

What you need to do is to establish your company as an expert in your field. However, if your specialists talk about the expertise of your company, then this will not establish credibility. Instead, you'd be better off connecting with independent experts and doing interviews with them, which will be valuable video content for your audience.

Interviews usually last more than half an hour. This means they need to be published on a platform where such long videos can be watched till the end. It can be posted on your YouTube channel. However, remember that not only will you need to edit the video, you will also need to add a compelling thumbnail and intro, which can be created using a video intro maker.

About the company

In addition to videos about getting to know the team, you can make a video where you tell people more about your company. People are often interested to know the background behind a company's origins, why and how the company appeared, as well as what was the motivation for its creation. The director or owner of the company could take part in the video and can talk about how it all began, making it all sound more convincing.


Feedback is important for buyers who are about to make a purchase. In addition to the usual customer reviews, you can make a clip with real customers who were satisfied with the purchase. Don't try to force what you want to hear on clients, instead let them talk about their real experiences and share their emotions. This will have a great effect on business promotion. You just might need a few takes to get good clips.


If your company hosts events that may be of interest to your audience, then this is a great chance to capture their attention. Usually, companies shoot live events, during which they can communicate with the audience. However, you can just shoot a video clip or event highlights and share it with customers. This will allow your customers to feel like part of your team.

Data visualisation

You might have juicy data that you want to share with your buyers. Typically, companies publish newsletters or write lengthy articles where such information is disclosed. However, few people are interested in articles that drone on about dry statistics that might otherwise have a positive effect on buyers. To effectively present the data, you can visualise it by creating videos. In this type of video you can use animation to capture the attention of the audience.

Visual instructions

Users like to receive recommendations on how to use products. It's also beneficial to companies because search engines prioritise educational content. With this in mind, you can create an unlimited number of clips where you can pass on valuable product usage instructions.

If you are selling a digital product, such as software or a web tool, then you can use the video to clearly demonstrate all the functions, as well as telling people how to use the product. Using a video editor, you can enhance your clips by adding special effects, music, and attractive design elements.


Many companies are now betting on the creation of videos to attract and engage the public. This is justified by the fact that they are inexpensive in production, since there is no need for professional equipment due to the availability of modern cameras on smartphones. You just need creative video ideas that will appeal to a wider audience.

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