Benefits of contract management in marketing


Date: 19 April 2022

Representation of digital contract management

Contract management guarantees that the commitments and duties to suppliers and clients are clear and they're followed through. Contract creation software addresses any issues with the contract, monitors and makes the necessary changes if needed, and actively interacts with the concerned parties to meet the desired objectives. Contract management software also handles contract-related administrative tasks, including bid evaluation, contract award, contract implementation, payment computation, and measurement of finished work.

Precise wording is critical in contract management and must be handled carefully to reduce risks and maximise profits. It ensures that the parties involved know what's expected and keep fulfilling their contractual duties and obligations according to the contract's terms and conditions. This article outlines the benefits of contract management in marketing.

1. Streamline the contract approval process

The traditional contract negotiation process can take some time before a contract is signed and approved. This is because of the back-and-forth discussions between the involved parties. With contract creation software, you have access to customised templates that enable the fast creation of error-free contracts. The created contracts are automatically sent to the right stakeholders for approval, depending on your rulebook. Moreover, all the contract alterations appear in an intelligent audit trail in real-time. The contract creation software also ensures that your contracts always meet your terms.

2. Contract visibility

The amount of data involved in a single contract can be overwhelming, making it impossible for someone to remember all the contract details. Companies handle various marketing strategies to ensure they get consistent, significant sales, resulting in information overload. You can retain each contract detail through contract management and offer it in an easy-to-use interface. This makes it easier for marketers to make informed decisions faster.

3. Track customer trends

A contract management system seamlessly integrates with a customer relationship management system to allow businesses access to customer information. Contract data, related documents, and customer data enable marketers to track customer trends. For marketing professionals to create intentional messaging and campaigns, they should know what customers purchase, how much they're paying, and how frequently they get a service or product. When marketing teams use a contract management system with the company's customer details, they can upsell, cross-sell, target specific groups, and secure repeat customers.

4. Contract compliance

With contract management software, contract compliance is guaranteed. This enables complete visibility of contract metadata, making it easier to adhere to the set KPIs. You may lose a business deal for failing to meet your KPIs simply because you weren't aware. Your business' branding is on the line each time you fail to fulfil a signed contract. Contract non-compliance may also result in major issues like lawsuits.

5. Clean out duplicate records

Enterprise contract management systems can integrate with existing CRM programs to gather potential leads in centralised systems. Thanks to excellent CMS, marketing teams can cross-check potential lead lists with customers already in business with the company, making it easy to identify and remove duplicate records to reduce repetitive, unproductive tasks. A precise lead list enables the marketing team to be more accurate with their strategies. It also ensures that the marketing department isn't double-dipping existing and potential companies.


Proper contract management saves time and money, eliminates financial penalties and business risks, and maximizes your profits. Consider investing in contract management systems for your marketing team to enjoy these benefits.

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