The state of creative operations in 2021


Date: 28 September 2021

A creative team working on a project

The pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on how and where we work. It forced businesses to rapidly adapt working processes, technology and working methods just so they could keep operating.

As we emerge from the lockdowns, some of those changes look here to stay.

Screendragon has completed its fourth annual creative operations report. The survey of more than 100 creative leaders reveals interesting insights into the state of the creative industry in 2021. Among the key findings, the survey reveals that

  • More than half of creative leaders reported an increase in the number of freelance, part-time and contract workers.
  • Almost a third of teams have team members based in five or more locations.
  • 52% of creative leaders measure the value of creative operations (a 20% increase on 2019).

The State of the Creative Industry 2021

You can see an online version of the infographic and read the full report on the Screendragon website.

Copyright 2021. Infographic courtesy of Screendragon, providers of Creative Project Management Software.

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