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Date: 9 September 2021

A woman celebrates her website's success

It's a digital age. The world relies on virtual environments more than ever. Digital marketing is booming, and businesses are launching new ecommerce stores daily. Those businesses want their websites to be successful.

However, when we talk about business websites, it's not that simple. Websites are one route to building successful and profitable businesses. But how many websites are really a success? Most people running business websites struggle to even get back the money they put into its development, let alone achieving success.

So, how can your website be a roadmap to success? Well, the answer lies in how you run your website. But first you need to choose a representative and memorable domain name for your online business.

When your website is successful, your business presents a successful face to the wider world (that is impression your website gives off after all).

So, the question is how to make your website successful? Well, here are the five top tips for website success.

Have a purpose, define your goals, tell your story

The first step to success is having a clear purpose and goal regardless of whether you are creating a business website or a personal website. Having a clear purpose and well-defined goals will help give you focus and makes it clear to visitors what you do and how you do it.

Tell your story to the audience. People are always keen to know what brought about a certain business and who's behind the idea. So, step out of the shadows and tell your story on the website.

Doing this is as simple as creating an "About Us" page and being as truthful, raw, and creative as you can.

Never ignore the marketing aspect

Your website will only pay its way when it's visible to your target audience. So, how are you going to make your website visible among the millions of websites already over the web and thousands of new websites coming every day?

This is where the marketing aspect sets in. Digital marketing and web development always need to go in hand. If you allocate budget for web development, you need to dedicate at least as much budget for digital marketing.

Once your website is live, you need to get the attention of search engines so they crawl the pages, index them, and finally rank them so users can conveniently access them.

All these things are taken care of through digital marketing. With on-page, technical, and off-page SEO, you can have your website well-optimised so it ranks at the top of SERPs. That is a key step to ensuring your website successful.

User experience is key

Once you've attracted visitors to your website, you need to make them stay. There's nothing worse than poor web traffic due to a high bounce rate. If users come to your website and then immediately leave, it's as though they didn't even visit in the first place. So, what's going to make your users stay on your website?

Start by giving them a phenomenal user experience. From the theme, design, and template of your website to its navigation, responsiveness, speed, and ease of use, everything must be on point.

When you meet users' needs, they'll want to stay. Choose attractive and appealing themes that closely resemble your business model. Have easy and simple navigation so users can find what they want in just a few clicks. Most importantly, check the speed of the website and make sure the page load time is as low as possible. All these are important factors in delivering the experiences that your users are going to love.

Performance monitoring and analytics

You need to make sure that your website remains on point at all times. This means performance monitoring and analytics are essential for measuring the success of your website.

You need to ensure the website has excellent uptime and page load times are low. Before making changes to your website live, experiment with it and test the website thoroughly to make sure there are no negative implications as a result of the changes.

Another important factor is analytics. Google Analytics is an amazing tool for keeping track of your website's performance. Make full use of the detailed metrics and reports. All you need to do is login and set up once and you can drop in and check your stats from time to time.

With the right performance monitoring and analysis, you will know how your website is functioning and can take corrective measures promptly whenever necessary.

Maintain consistency and continuity

Consistency and continuity are key qualities for success. If you're continuous in your efforts, success will come eventually. Once your website is live, ensure everything you do is with the aim of making it successful and builds your brand reputation. Things won't always go smoothly; however, when you stay focus, strong, and committed, you can move mountains.

Final words

Building a website is one thing. Making it successful is a whole different story. Taking the right steps, consistently, will boost your efforts and help bring about success for your website.

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