The best catalogue management software in 2021


Date: 21 September 2021

Catalogue design for a beauty brand

Every ecommerce platform, from Amazon to the major fashion retailers, is interested in publishing digital catalogues and physical product catalogues to boost their brand and products. However, being able to create, design, and maintain a fully-fledged product catalogue is nothing less than a work of art.

We have put together a list of noteworthy catalogue software options that you should consider to improve and simplify your catalogue management process.    

What is product catalogue management?

Typically, product catalogue management facilitates the design and management of an ecommerce product catalogue either in a physical or digital format.

Before we look at some of the software choices out there, we will first cover some of the fundamentals in product catalogue management. 

For any ecommerce business, a product catalogue management is just one element of the marketing activity that ensures your consumers and clients (including B2C or B2B) can see your product information and imagery. Your catalogue can help increase the profit margin on all targeted channels.

You also need to remember that product catalogue management isn't a one-time project, quite the opposite, it's an ongoing activity throughout the year. 

Why is catalogue software important?

Regardless of what type of software your firm utilises, catalogue management software can be of great help as it optimises and simplifies your workflow by reducing the time spent on projects.

If you think catalogue management is nothing more than showcasing the products either in physical or digital form, you couldn't be more wrong.

Effective catalogue management should be able to show all the recent and forthcoming products. You need to have a plan beforehand which products will be included in the catalogue and ensure all the products have up to date information.

Of course, doing all this involves better communication across all departments within your business. Generally, company marketing managers take care of the planning activities. However, the creation part is often done by a design team and in-house or outsourced copywriters.

Product management software lets you design catalogues with eye-catching images and engaging product descriptions which directly help the business by adding value to the bottom line.

Now we have explored the importance of catalogue management software, let's take a better look at the top five catalogue management software products.


Involved in product information management (PIM), Akeneo will allow you to collect and easily manage your product information on a single platform.


FlipHTML5 was designed with interactive flipbooks in mind. Whether it's employing links, visuals, or audio and video, FlipHTML5 provides a comprehensive suite of interactive features that will add a wow factor to your product presentation, helping it stand out from its competitors.

FlipHTML5 lets users easily turn their documents (MS Office or PDF) and visuals into stunning magazines, catalogues, and ebooks. Users can also effortlessly publish their flipbooks via the publishing catalogue platform.   


iPaper is an engaging catalogue creation tool. It lets users design effective promotional banners and easy-to-shop flipbooks for a range of markets, thanks to its coding-free user interface.

The iPaper platform provides users with opportunities to add links effortlessly and automatically to their products, streamline the checkout process, and track the efficiency of promotions. With a premium subscription, users will also be able to get access to a comprehensive suite of catalogue automation features.


Publitas assists small and medium businesses and enterprises with the creation of flyers, images, and interactive catalogues, and allows them to publish them on any platform. This gives users a better performing desktop and mobile shopping experience that could potentially lead to better sales.

With more than 60 million active readers every month and over 850 million page views a month and serving digital platforms, Publistas lets you effortlessly print all of your publications. 


Salsify offers users a competitive edge to win over their audience on digital platforms by delivering the seamless ecommerce experience that customers demand whenever they shop online. Some of the biggest brands including L'Oreal and Bosch utilise Salsify to stand out from their peers.

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