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Date: 7 June 2021

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Content marketing can effectively promote a company when applied properly. It is the driving force of sales and awareness. But have you considered visual marketing? It can take your marketing to a whole new level!

Learn about the importance of visual content and the benefits it provides in the article below.

A picture is worth a thousand words

People perceive information in different ways. There are visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, and mixed "learners." Each type of leaner term determines the best way we understand the things around us differently - through images, sound, touch, or all at once - it's an individual thing.

However, research shows that 65% of the world population are visual learners. They acquire information faster and easier through images, pictures, infographics - basically anything visual. So why don't you apply this knowledge to promote your products even more effectively?

When you add the fact that landing pages with visual content led to 800% more conversions, the argument is compelling. Neglecting such a powerful feature will mean you're losing out on potential income. When people don't find what they need on your site, they proceed to your competitors. If you use engaging visuals, the lead is in the bag.

Visual marketing statistics for 2021

You already know that 65% of the population are visual learners.

Research also shows that the 3% of bloggers who use 10+ images per post have better engagement, activity, and sales results. However, you should note that stock images are not good in the long run. They are easily replicated and quickly lose their uniqueness, meaning you'll have to create your own visuals.

80% of people additionally said that they often switch to videos when shopping online. This means that they're more likely to buy a product that has a video review. Photos and plain text are simply not enough for success.

Another important fact to note, is that infographics on social media are shared three times more than any other content. That's because they provide useful information in simple yet effective ways. Also, infographics that are applied in B2B content strategies appear to be quite successful.

So, if you truly want to promote your brand effectively, use both photos and videos in your campaigns. While creating quality content requires a ton of effort, it pays off very quickly.

Benefits of visual content for B2B

Sometimes, competition in the B2B segment is even more intense than in B2C. This leads to the creation of new marketing strategies. When this happens, visual content marketing often gets the leading positions.

Show the potential of your product briefly.

People don't have time to read tons of copy to find out why your product is better than your rivals'. An infographic can help you represent the benefits of your product in numbers and charts.

It is easier to understand.

Which one is easier to understand better: ten pages of text or one picture with the main numbers in it? The answer is obvious. It's easier to understand the information when it is shown visually. Visual content facilitates understanding, which is the key to selling even the most complicated products.

Grab the interest of your clients.

An arresting photo is more likely to engage your audience for longer. It shows potential customers how good your product is and why they should buy it. Combine it with some powerful text, and the result will appear in no time.

Benefits of visual content for B2C

In the B2C segment, your task is to engage an even broader audience. Depending on your niche, you may have hundreds of competitors. Your mission is to stand out.

Explain your product.

Visuals, such as photos and videos, help you showcase what you sell in any scenario. Why should people buy your product? Explain the benefits and demonstrate how it helps. Once people understand how things work, they are more likely to make a purchase.

Share consumer reviews.

When potential customers see online reviews and photos from other satisfied buyers, it creates a positive impression about your brand. People think, "Hey, if others say it's good, maybe it really is?" which increases their trust. There's unlimited potential here!

Brand recognition.

Popular brands have their memorable style. When people see anything related to the company, they will think, "Oh, I know that brand!". It's an important part of any marketing campaign which aims to increase sales and awareness. Because when they know that it's "that brand", they'll be more interested, resulting in a purchase.

Your content is the face of your brand. It's part of what makes it popular. That's one of the reasons people buy it. And you must use this instrument at its most.

Proven strategies: Five ways to apply visual content in your campaign

Not sure how to include visual content in your marketing strategy? How about some examples and strategies? Here are five tactics that can help you increase your sales in no time.

1. Web design

In the first quarter of 2021, eCommerce sales accounted for 13.6% of the total sales made in the US market. People buy from creative websites and applications. The easier it is to make a purchase online, the higher the chances are that a sale will be made.

Web design determines the credibility of your website and how convenient it is to use. It makes sense that a poorly designed site is unlikely to be trusted. But if you involve great UI/UX and apply attractive visuals, buyers will have no reason to move on to your competitors.

If your business still hasn't got a website, that can be addressed with an easy website builder. Just make sure you create a page with the proper design that will engage your customers. 

2. Infographics with QR codes

Infographics are one of the most memorable types of visual content. They help you combine almost any kind of information. Now imagine that you print an infographic and hang it somewhere where it will be seen. What would you want to achieve by that?

Apart from sharing any information, you can add a QR code that leads the user to a website, to a phone call or text message. This saves potential customers' time. If it can be done quickly, people will do it. That's how consumers are engaged.

The best part is that it is possible to create infographics for free without any watermarks. The same goes for QR codes. You can use a QR Code generator to create customizable designs and landing points.

3. Quality videos

An eye-grabbing video is what you need for social media, websites, and ads. It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to share engaging information. Although quality content takes longer to produce, it generally pays off much faster.

Even a simple presentation created with an online video merger will be much more effective than a single photo. Videos draw more attention because they provide a story and constantly changing images. There's something new every second. Research proves time and time again that people like video content.

The video can be of any kind. Testimonials, reviews, informational content, and podcasts, offering you limitless possibilities. It is worth considering applying this powerful tool to reap the benefits.

4. Cartoons and memes

Who doesn't like memes? It is said that cartoons and memes control internet culture. We've already mentioned them previously as a way to modernise your brand.

Cartoons are a strong choice for advertising campaigns and engaging content. Not only are they interesting to the audience, but they also sell your product. Sometimes, the cartoon can develop into a separate story, loved by millions of people.

Memes can turn the tables when it comes to social media. Instead of posting monotonous content about your product, try out playing it out with jokes and trendy situations. A fast meme generator will help you create anything using a template. It's a great choice for situation marketing!

5. Company stickers and emojis

If you use popular messengers like WhatsApp or Viber, you will have noticed that there are many branded stickers. Companies create funny emojis with their brand characters and distribute them in different ways. People get some free treats while the business increases awareness.

Coca-Cola used this strategy across different social media and messengers. Users were asked to complete several quests where the company's production was involved. As a reward, customers got free stickers.

Be visual!

As you can see, visual content marketing is a powerful source for effective promotion. Include it in your plan and use all the benefits to lead your company to success. You'll get new customers in no time!

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