How to transform your marketing in 2021


Date: 21 May 2021

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There's little question that the marketing landscape has been forced to flex its agility muscles in the past year. The COVID-19 pandemic has put well laid plans to the test, making marketing teams lean on their talents for creativity and being progressive.

This begs the question - how can marketing teams ensure they're ahead of the curve in future? The answer lies in being less reactive and more in control of your output - leading to greater ROI and higher levels of creativity.

Having a strong understanding of trends can help a business thrive in such a turbulent climate. In this article, we hope to highlight several ways in which you can transform your marketing efforts in 2021 and beyond to translate into more success for your business.

In-house marketing

In-housing has continued to boom, with more and more businesses choosing to bring their marketing efforts in-house this year. In fact, Bannerflow's 2021 State of In-housing report revealed that 73% of surveyed marketers chose to move at least part of their digital marketing in-house in the past year.

The research also revealed that those in the industry believe in-housing will be essential to marketing this year.

This is for many reasons, including ROI uplift and harnessing tech and data. More than half (58%) of industry leaders also note a creativity boom among their in-house teams.

Digital transformation

Marketing managers and decision makers may discover that many of these trends feed into one another to enhance their effectiveness. For instance, implementing a digital transformation strategy and framework can be streamlined and enhanced by in-housing. Then once implemented, digital transformation can skyrocket the marketing capabilities of an in-house team.

The pandemic has pressed fast forward on digital comms by up to four years, according to a McKinsey report. The survey also highlighted that companies they spoke to had accelerated their share of digital or digitally enabled products by seven years.

Digital transformation aims to change the way a business operates for the better and essentially means utilising digital tech in all aspects of a company's processes.

However, it requires buy in throughout an entire business so shouldn't be attempted without first having a strategy and framework.

Utilise social commerce

Approximately 66% of the UK population use social media – that translates to around 45 million people, so naturally social commerce is an area in which to focus your marketing efforts.

Social media advertising is a booming space – an IAB study showed that in 2019, 14 markets spent €100m, while four markets spent a staggering €1bn on social advertising.

A clear focus in social marketing in recent years has been giving the customer the ability to shop via the platform. Story formats will continue to grow, utilising the swipe up option with influencer marketing and paid partnerships flourishing in the process.

Hopefully, these tips can help you transform the complexion of your marketing landscape in 2021 and beyond. Remember that however you choose to enhance your creative efforts – it's imperative to keep your clients and customers at the heart of everything you do.

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