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Date: 17 May 2021

Marketing team made up of staff and freelance creatives.

To quote every marketing department:

"We don't have enough time!"

"I can't think strategically and creatively if I'm always worried about deadlines."

"I've written about this so many times, I'm getting stale!"

Sound familiar? No matter the industry, marketing teams are stretched too thin. Internal marketing roles can be multi-faceted and stressful - from staying ahead of the advertising curve, connecting companies with the right customers to meeting the content needs of every other department.

But no matter what you have in your backlog, Fiverr freelancers can help.

Why freelancers are a critical part of your team

You may worry that a freelancer will struggle to nail your company's tone or get up to speed on your goals, brand, or target audience. But years of experience have made it undeniable that companies benefit massively by bringing in external talent.

Why engage people who've never worked for your company? We'll give you three powerful reasons:

1. Freelancers maintain up-to-date expertise in their niche.

In order to stay competitive, freelancers have to constantly update their skills. The result? They work across many different industries and media channels. They take on board the best practices and lessons learned from many businesses, and bring those insights to you. Most internal teams don't have the time to deep-dive outside their jobs or industries. Having that glimpse into how other companies (and competitors) solve problems and communicate their messaging is invaluable.

The perfect balance lies between your in-house experts and your outsourced support.

2. Freelancers offer new, informed ways of looking at challenges.

We've all had the experience of being too close to a project to see the big picture. Where insiders might be burned out on a problem or hit a creative wall, qualified freelancers bring outside perspectives that can re-energise internal teams – approaching new challenges with fresh, creative eyes.

3. You'll get more hours out of every day - for work or relaxation.

Especially in marketing, multi-talented professionals are often spinning so many plates that critical (yet time-consuming) planning, strategic thinking, and innovation seem impossible. Giving some of those dishes to freelancers gives internal marketers more time to do what they do best. Suddenly freelancers become time expanders rather than cost centres.

It's understandable that internal teams might be resistant to call on freelance help. Cost, training time, and introducing different work styles and perspectives are common worries. But effective leaders - and successful businesses - know that outsourcing creates a huge opportunity for internal staff to develop and grow.

How to divvy up the workload to get the best results

Freelancers can be especially valuable for tasks like writing, graphic design, social media management, and a host of other tactical functions.

  • Delegate strategically. Look for those nagging tasks that are time-consuming but require less internal interaction. For example, freelancers can focus on making lead-generating content while your internal staff map out your long-term strategy, set up your marketing systems, and analyse results. Who knows? Maybe your team goes home a little earlier or takes that three-day weekend – and comes back with your business' next great idea.
  • Remove obstacles. As the great Yoda once said, "Fear is the path to the dark side." Sometimes managers and staff resist outsourcing because they worry about their job security. But once you have the right outsourcing system and talent, it's easier to execute bigger-picture things that will prove invaluable to the company.
  • Let people be great. Too often, marketing teams are tasked with all forms of communication. We've seen entire creative departments devoted solely to PowerPoint presentations. Hiring freelancers to craft things like executive decks, internal memos, or training videos lets you keep internal creative talent focused on client-facing content. In time, they'll be worshipping the freelance model.

Ultimately, the right freelancers become valued extensions of your marketing team. Over time, you won't need to spend hours briefing them, and you'll be able to give them assignments rapid-fire.

Just as importantly, those freelancers can bring new and fun suggestions that lead to even better results.

Find the right talent at the right time... any time

Identifying, interviewing, and vetting freelancers takes time. But companies like ours have transformed that part of the outsourcing process. We've assembled a multi-talented and pre-screened community of specialists and generalists, so you can find exactly who you need, when you need them.

Got a fire-drill project? Need a specific skill for a short time? Look to the freelance community. Freelancers have flexibility that in-house staff can rarely afford. Burn-out is less of a challenge because freelancers can step in to work nights, weekends, and sometimes around the clock.

The in-house/outsourced model is rapidly becoming the new standard for successful brands and companies. You can do more, remain competitive, and keep best practices and top talent flowing through your marketing and communication teams. Make sure you don't miss out on their fresh, inventive perspective whenever your internal messaging gets in a twist.

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