Analysing social media with web scraping


Date: 4 May 2021

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Web scrapers are versatile tools that simplify and accelerate the collection of valuable data. With various levels of complexity, scrapers allow users to benefit from processed information. Today, data aggregation and analysis guide and influence most business operations on the internet. In this article, we will focus on web scraping and data collection on social media networks. It will help us discover influencers, as well as their audiences.

We'll also discuss residential proxies and their role in a successful digital marketing campaign. With the help of a residential proxy, scraping tasks become far more efficient. Ultimately, with all the tools and knowledge at our disposal, social media analysis brings valuable data that drives digital marketing advancements!

Discovering influencers with web scraping

In the last decade, social media platforms have evolved into powerful giants that surpass TV, radio, and other old-school communication sources. With godlike technology, big tech companies have turned social media into massive hives of centralised data. Such concentration of information has forced many companies to scrap and rebuild their digital marketing strategies.

Now, social media influencers and their audiences are an important part of any successful marketing campaign. However, finding the right person to promote your product and brand can be difficult. Even the supreme popularity of a chosen influencer is sometimes misleading. Young audiences, bad advertisement reputation, and other factors can help you filter out the bad choices but left undiscovered, the wrong influencer can end up hurting your brand.

Fortunately, we can use web scraping to analyse potential influencers and their audiences. As a starting point, it's a good idea to extend the connection with a client and take advantage of their data. Digital marketing teams value recurring customers, not only due to their loyalty but also the information they bring to the table. Implementing web scraping to aggregate data from a client circle helps us discover leads. This way, we can find the right influencers and common patterns between the customers and their audience.

Without a website or an online shop with comments and reviews, we must search for leads on other websites. Social media and even competitor websites often have protections that limit rapid connection requests to stop automated data collection. Web scraping is not illegal, and many companies use residential proxies to protect their identity and bypass these limitations. Many business operations depend on internet anonymity. Therefore, we must avoid being discovered and receiving an IP ban. Residential proxies mask our address and bring other benefits which greatly complement web scraping operations (more on this later).

Best social media platforms for influencer marketing

YouTube and Instagram are by far the most popular social media platforms used by successful influencers. Each has great tools that let users with big audiences comfortably display their content but also set up convenient advertisements.

YouTube influencers often include their paid advertisements at the beginning of the video, while some channels focus on great product reviews. Checking out an influencer's channel and learning more about them is essential. Even the most popular YouTube channels may advertise products that do not fit with your company image or aims.

Popular Instagram channels also contribute to the promotion of various brands. Be it in the form of posts or Instagram stories, advertisements in quick snippets are popular on pages of female influencers promoting beauty, skincare, and other convenient products.

Even with a sizeable marketing budget and the clout of one of the most popular influencers, your digital marketing strategy may not pay off without tactical data aggregation. When combined with residential proxies, automated web scraping helps businesses quickly discover the best influencers and their audiences. The information gathered gives us a birds-eye view of the whole social media landscape.

 The risks of influencer marketing.

Some experts are worried about the fragility of the influencer marketing industry. Despite its rapid growth, most successful companies implement a combination of marketing strategies to minimise risks. Although it is unlikely that the influencer marketing bubble will burst any time soon, it should not be your sole advertisement strategy.

Residential proxies for social media scraping

To help web scraping tasks reach their peak safety and efficiency, smart businesses use residential proxies. Every bot is assigned a residential IP from a real internet service provider. On the receiving end, every web scraper looks like a real device connecting to a social media platform. With many requests coming from different sources, companies can aggregate much more data with supreme efficiency. Even if an IP address gets blacklisted, you can always continue with another one from a pool given to you by a residential proxy provider.


In 2021, influencers are an inseparable part of a digital marketing campaign. They bring word-of-mouth promotion with a personal touch to their viewers. The most credible, respected content creators often influence their audience to buy the products they endorse. By analysing social media with web scraping, businesses can gain otherwise hidden insights that can boost marketing campaigns.

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