Six marketing tips for tutoring businesses


Date: 21 April 2021

A tutor works with a student to help him understand a tricky concept

The demand for tutoring services is sky high at the moment. You have parents looking for catch up support for children who have fallen behind, University students looking for face-to-face support after months of online learning and adults looking to update their skills as they look to start a new career as a result of pandemic.

Either way, now is a great time to start a tutoring business. However, you should be aware that the field is fairly competitive. You will need to find ways to build your reputation if you want to be able to stand out. Here are a few marketing tips for tutoring businesses.

Release courses for free

The first thing you need to do is increase your online presence and build brand awareness. One of the best ways to do this is to release free courses online. You could distribute them on your own platform, social media, or on YouTube. This allows you to demonstrate your expertise, but also to advertise your business. Even if people who come to you don't need tutoring, they might still recommend you to someone else. The more people who know about you, the better.

Get higher credentials

Another thing we suggest is gaining higher credentials. People will trust you more regardless of whether you're the one doing the tutoring or you're the owner/founder. Having something like a master's degree in education will give your service more credibility but also allows you to offer a better service.

If you want to get gain further qualifications, one of the options you could look at is getting a master's degree in education online through Exeter University's program. It is one of the top-rated programs in the field and will give you the credentials you need to boost your reputation.

Have a solid SEO/content marketing strategy

Content marketing should be one of your top priorities. Since you're in the education sector, your choice of content is almost endless. You can talk about virtually any subject related to education or give tips on how to master different concepts. You could also give time management and studying tips, or tips for parents with children who may be experiencing learning difficulties, or general articles on parenting.

All of this could allow you to build a brand that extends beyond tutoring. If done properly, you could attract a lot of traffic to your site and convince a few of them to try your service.

Master PPC marketing

You will also need to look at traditional online marketing methods such as PPC. PPC stands for pay-per-click and can be a very powerful tool for your business.

PPC allows you to bid on certain keywords and phrases that people might use to search for a service like yours. Your ad will then appear every time someone conducts a search for said keyword or phrase. The order in which your ad will appear will depend on how much you bid and other factors such as your website's quality and the quality of the ad.

This means that you could bid on very targeted keywords and have people who are ready and willing to hire a tutor coming to your site. The goal here is to keep a close tab on your conversion rates, how much you're paying on keywords, and what type of return you're getting.

One of the greatest benefits of PPC is how quickly you can get results. You could start getting traffic within minutes of publishing an ad. Another great thing about PPC is that you only pay for what you get. You won't have to speculate on the ROI and will be able to see exactly what kind of impact the campaign has on sales and your bottom line.

Another thing that will be very important here is keyword research. While some keywords might seem perfect for you, it doesn't mean that you'll be able to compete. You might have to be more creative with your keyword selection if you want to be in with a chance.

This is where you will need to learn how to search and use long-tail keywords. The good thing about long-tail keywords is that while they might not have as much traction, they often are much more targeted. This means that they could convert more readily than broad terms. You could also use a large selection of those keywords to get more traffic.

Increase your presence on social media

We also suggest that you spend more time on social media. Make sure you're not only talking about tutoring. You want to guide people towards useful resources and make sure your posts are truly helpful. You should also consider joining study groups and provide help directly to those who are in need. This will give you a chance to advertise your service and further build awareness for your brand.

Sponsorships, partnerships, and events

One great thing about being in the education sector is that you will be able to collaborate with schools in your area or gain partnership opportunities with your local school board and other local organisations. You could also consider sponsorships or competitions to increase brand awareness.

You could hold a contest for students in your local area. This could be a great opportunity to increase your brand visibility. This could even get you some press coverage as too. Such PR is invaluable not only for attention it brings but to build your credibility too.

Another option would be to hold a contest online. Make sure it's related to education and learning, and you'll gain attention from the people you're trying to attract.

You could also consider holding workshops in your area and build your brand this way. Another option is to sponsor local contests like spelling bees, for instance.

These tips are intended for anyone looking to market their tutoring business. Make sure you try them all and always look for new ways to build visibility for your brand.

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