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Date: 4 January 2021

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If you're starting a promotional product campaign, the obvious place to start is by determining what promotional item to go for! For two cheap options, read on:

Using printed lanyards to advertise your company

Behind every good business is an effective marketing campaign. If you want to succeed nowadays, marketing is essential. Nevertheless, what works for one business doesn't always work for another. So, before embarking on any campaign, consider your options carefully.

An advertising method which is highly popular and very successful is the distribution of customised printed lanyards. Companies like Dynamic Gifts have lots of eye-catching options. More and more companies are turning to this method of advertising because of its cost-effectiveness. You can find customised printed lanyards for as little as 40p each on the internet these days.

The current economic climate as a result of the pandemic has meant that most businesses have less money than they once did to dedicate to advertising campaigns. Nevertheless, printed lanyards are cheap and visible. The effects are not diminished just because they're so affordable, so you're not missing out.

Lanyards are used by most people. Employees in the workplace and university and college students use them as an effective way of keeping their identification card or name tag on show. Moreover, a lanyard provides an easy and effective way to ensure that an individual does not lose their credentials. The scope for advertising is massive because anyone coming into contact with someone wearing a printed lanyard will see the lanyard around their neck and your printed company details and logo.

The key to successfully utilising promotional lanyards is to ensure you distribute them effectively. When it comes to promotional goods it's all about ensuring that the right people are targeted and the items have the desired effect. First and foremost, this depends on your business; what service or goods you are selling. You need to ensure the lanyards are distributed to individuals who are likely to buy from your company.

Next, you need to distribute the lanyards to places where people are likely to use them (for example, factories, schools or offices). Small family-based businesses aren't the right places to distribute your lanyards to because they have few staff, those staff are unlikely to need to be identified and these companies tend to already have a small loyal customer base.

All in all, using promotional printed lanyards is a great way to strengthen your brand's image and awareness. Pay special attention to the colours and writing you use on them. For instance, if you have a wide target audience use a versatile colour that will not put people off wearing the lanyard. Make sure the writing is easy to read too and that your logo is clearly identifiable. If you follow these basic rules, you should have no problem finding an effective lanyard for your business.

Using promotional keyrings to market your business

The pandemic has had a massive impact on most businesses. It has meant that greater emphasis has been placed on cost-effective marketing strategies. Businesses are being much more cautious with their money, so companies are looking for new, unique, innovative and affordable methods of tempting individuals into buying the products or services which they offer.

One method which is becoming more popular is the distribution of promotional keyrings. This is a strategy which has been around for many years now. However, it has proven to be extremely beneficial in the current economic climate. There are several reasons as to why this is the case.

First and foremost, promotional keyrings do not cost much to purchase. You can pay as little as 20p for a plastic keyring and, when budgets are squeezed, a cheap option like this has obvious appeal. Another reason promotional keyrings are effective is that their impact is instant. As soon as a potential customer receives their keyring they will see your company logo and information. This is highly beneficial when your business doesn't have the luxury of time – it is all about making money now. 

Moreover, individuals are likely to use the keyring on a daily basis if it's attached to their house or car keys. This means your company becomes ingrained in their mind because they constantly see your logo. This means whenever they require the products or services you offer, they will instantly think of your business. Compare this to other methods of advertisement, such as newspaper or website banners; these are only effective at the moment the individual reads the banner. It's highly unlikely that people will go back and look at them again and again.

A further benefit to be considered is that promotional merchandise tends to create a loyal bond between the company and the customer. You have given the customer something for free, and as such they almost feel inclined to purchase something off you in return. This loyalty is something which can be maintained by sending further promotional gifts in the future to ensure they continue to use your company. This tactic can be used to ensure recurring custom as well as encourage new customers.

All in all, the distribution of promotional products is something which you should definitely consider in the current economic climate.

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