What is the Restaurant Ordering System?


Date: 1 October 2020

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Nowadays, the activity of many companies and organisations has moved online, where selling products and offering services is easier and more convenient. Similarly, more and more restaurants have decided to transfer their business to the internet.

What is the Restaurant Ordering System?

Selling ready-made meals online used to seem virtually impossible, mainly due to logistical difficulties and lack of sufficient technology. Today, however, this is no longer the case. Restaurant Ordering System enables restaurant owners to transfer their menus and orders online, launch a payment system or establish delivery zones. Customers, who have decided on the offer of a given restaurant, can order their favourite food using their smartphone or other internet-connected device.

This solution gives the restaurant guests a number of benefits – they can quickly and conveniently check what's on offer from the restaurant, check the prices of individual meals, see how the dish is presented visually, but most of all, they can order in a quick and convenient way, without having to stand in line.

What benefits does the Restaurant Ordering System provide to customers?

For consumers, ordering food online is extremely convenient. The app can be used by the customer to customise their order, and each addition or amendment will be reflected in the price, which is also automatically displayed to the user. The Restaurant Ordering System also allows customers to pay using a multitude of different payment methods - customers can choose the most suitable or preferred payment method. After entering the exact delivery address, the delivery price is displayed.

Thanks to the Restaurant Ordering System, customers can compose their meal and immediately find out the price. As well enabling customers to order a meal to be delivered to an address of choice and find out the exact delivery price, they can also pay conveniently using the method of their choice.

Benefits for restaurant owners

Restaurants that have decided to launch a sales channel and establish online delivery have a number of opportunities to improve their operations thanks to the system. The reliability of the system's operation and comprehensive information on current offers allows consumers to discover all the meals that the restaurant currently serves.

Thanks to the efficient integration of data, employees receive immediate notification of the order placed and can proceed to its realisation. Having an online presence also guarantees a larger number of customers – people who can't physically reach the restaurant can easily choose their favourite dish and enjoy it at home.

Moreover, the functionality of the system provides the owners with the opportunity to generate monthly, quarterly or annual reports. The reports can tell you which meals were most popular in a given period, which in turn allows restaurants to tailor their offering to customers' taste and expectations.

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