Four ways to set your business apart from rivals


Date: 23 September 2020

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Operating a small business comes with a lot of responsibility, and the reality is that not everyone will go on to find success. You have many tasks and to-dos that need your time and attention. However, one aspect that can't be ignored is that you will have competitors trying to steal business away from you.

You must find ways to set your company apart from the competition so you can win over more customers and remain relevant in your industry and market. Take the time to study your competitors to find out what they're up to so you can fill in the gaps where they're falling short.

1.    Choose a niche

One way to promote your startup and set your small business apart from the competition is to focus on a niche. Choose to specialise in a specific product, service, or target audience. Choosing a niche is a much more promising approach. If you try to be too broad with what you're selling and who you're selling to, you risk getting swallowed up by the bigger players. You'll be left without anyone in particular who you can focus on communicating with through your marketing efforts. Niche marketing allows you to zero in on a select group of people who are more likely to take an interest in your business and make a purchase.

2.    Product packaging and presentation

Another opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition is with your product packaging and presentation. Find ways to personalise your products and make them stand out. Make QR codes you can include on your items. They allow you to reach consumers directly, will increase brand engagement, and you can update the scan experience whenever you like. You want your products to catch the attention of consumers online or in store and for them to feel compelled to take action.

3.    Be responsive and follow up

You also have the chance to stand apart from your competitors through your customer service offerings and approach. Be responsive and commit to following up and staying true to your word with those you interact with, such as potential and current customers. Focus on consistency and delivering on your promise, so you receive positive reviews and testimonials others can see. It's surprising how many companies fail to make the customer a priority, so it's your opportunity to shine in this area. Responsiveness is vital if you're going to make a name for yourself and earn the trust of your customers.

4.    Focus on quality

Set your small business apart from the competition by focusing on quality and being consistent in every area and all you do. Customers will have such a rewarding experience with your company that they'll have no choice but to spread the word to friends and family members. Make it a priority in the workplace, so your employees not only meet but exceed your expectations and standards. Offer quality in your interactions with consumers and by only distributing high-quality products and services. You'll have fewer complaints and returns and more satisfied shoppers, which will only increase conversions and sales. 

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